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Ferien Riverboat unlizenzierte Canal du Nivernais voutes de la Collancelle
Fluss Werft: Malerei - Mechanik - Schweißen

Die Mannschaft von Aqua Fluvial besteht aus 4 Technikern, die sich mit Sorgfalt um Ihre Wünsche kümmern.

Jeder hat sein Spezialgebiet, sehen Sie selbst….


This is the main part of the workshop. In our hangar, we can accommodate boats up to 15 metres and a maximum weight of 15 tonnes.

This is where we apply our coats of polyurethane, epoxy, antifouling etc. …. all under optimal conditions as the workshop is heated during the winter months.


We repair engines and install new ones as well as BETA MARINE, VETUS gearboxes and PRM gearboxes.


Circular saws, planing and other finishing machines, shaping machines, etc ... to provide maximum care for your internal fittings.


We can carry out four types of welding:

  •         Arc welding
  •         Torch-welding, soldering, flame-cutting
  •         MIG welding
  •         Inox TIG welding : Railing, platform, handrails, etc ...

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